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Expedition Standard - Leveling

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  • 1-80 + 4 Labs + Yellow Maps Viable Gear Totem Forbidden Rite Hierophant (League Start Bundle)

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    What do you receive?
    - You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build from the second day from league start. You will no longer suffer from the painful and prolong storyline and buildup process. Just jump right into the new content.

    Why you should choose this build?
    - New imba Skill and work with totem to avoid life cost
    -Tanky with mind over matter and 100% reduced curse effect
    - Good clearspeed and bossing.
    - All league start bundles focus on helping you progress your atlas/storyline easily at low budget.
    - Base on Zizaran content and tested by our expert.

    How does it work?
    - The play style is simple, Plant all your Rite totem and 2 withering totem and monsters get destroyed.
    - For bosses, precast all totem and curse despair
    +Life: Over 3500 at level 80,
    +Mana : Over 3000 at level 80
    +All elemental res above 75%
    +Stats enough for wearing items and gems
    + Help Alira
    -Major god : Arrakalli
    -Minor god : Shakari

    The video link build doing game content:
    Video Build and Guide:
    POB link:


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    - Please avoid logging in during the leveling process. This may disrupt the finishing time for the order.
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