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Iron Commander
Iron Commander
Iron Commander
Death Bow
Physical Damage: (28–69 to 32–77)
Critical Strike Chance: (6.5 to 7.5)%
Attacks per Second: (1.37 to 1.44)
Requires Level 32, 107 Dex
(30 to 50)% increased Critical Strike ChanceAdds (8–16 to 12–24) Physical Damage
(14 to 20)% increased Attack Speed
(14 to 20)% increased Totem Life
(14 to 20)% increased Totem Placement speed
Can summon 1 additional Siege Ballista Totem per 200 Dexterity
Adds 1–3 Physical Damage to Attacks per 25 Dexterity
The Eternals commanded an army that need not eat, sleep, or breathe without the usual depravities of necromancy.
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Plazo de entrega 1-12 horas
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