LoL Tier / Division Leveling

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LoL Tier / Division Leveling Información

The “League System“ is a rating method in League of Legends which divides players into 6 different tiers. Each tier consists of 5 divisions.

Every player starts with 10 placement matches. After these matches, you will be assigned to the appropriate tier and division for your skill level. To ascend to better divisions, and eventually tiers, you have to reach 100 League Points. Once you have reached this goal, you will have to play a „Best of 3“ or a „Best of 5“ match.


Of course, absolutely none of your RP (Riot Points) will be spent during the League Leveling process, your friendlist will stay untouched and our Pro Gamers will talk to nobody on your friendlist. Your account is solely used to boost your League Points. Occasionally, your runes and masteries might be optimized to facilitate the League Leveling.