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GTA V Account PC

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  • GTA V Full Access Account | 15 Billion Money | LVL 500 | Unlocked All | Random Gender | Rockstar PC

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    Offering PC GTA V Social club account.


    What you get after the purchase?

    - Email account+email password

    - Social Club email+password

    - GTA V game already purchased/included

    - How to login and play?


    Login at,check setting on the right top corner, and click “game downloads”. There you will find the option “download game for windows”.

    So you will be the full owner of the game!

    Online Character basically Male character and added money+level+unlocked all. If you need female, please mention it at the order.

    Note:Its not STEAM, not PS4, not Xbox360, not XBox1 account version!

    Plazo de entrega: 1-24 horas
    € 63,00
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