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CP160 Healthy Necklace of Willpower
Plazo de entrega: 1-24 horas
€ 3,77 Compre CP160 Healthy Necklace of Willpower



(2 items)Adds x Max Stamina
(3 items)Adds x Weapon Damage


(2 items)Adds x Max Magicka
(3 items)Adds x Spell Damage


Mother's Sorrow
(2items)Adds Max Magicka
(3items)Adds Spell Critical
(4items)Adds Spell Critical
(5items)Adds Spell Critical


Plague Doctor
(2 items)Adds Max Health
(2 items)Adds Max Health
(4 items)Adds 4% Healing Taken
(5 items)Adds Max Health


(2items)Adds Max Health 
(3items)Adds Stamina Recovery


Springgan's Thorns
(2items)Adds Max Stamina 
(3items)Adds Max Stamina 
(4items)Adds Weapon Damage 
(5items)Adds Physical Penetration


Spinner's Garments
(2items)Adds Max Magicka 
(3items)Adds Max Magicka 
(4items)Adds Spell Damage 
(5items)Adds Spell Penetration


Seventh Legion Brute
(2items)Adds Weapon Damage 
(3items)Adds Health Recovery 
(4items)Adds Weapon Critical 
(5items)When you take damage, you have a 10% chance to gain x Weapon Damage 
for 5 seconds and heal for x Health


Queen's Elegance
(2items)Adds Spell Damage
(3items)Adds Max Magicka
(4items)Adds Max Magicka
(5items)Increases your Light and Heavy Attack damage by 20%

Thunderbug's Carapace
(2items)Adds Physical Resistance 
(3items)Adds Spell Resistance 
(4items)Adds Spell Damage 
(5items)When you take Physical Damage, you have a 50% chance 
to deal Shock Damage in a 5 meter radius around you. This effect 
can occur once every 3 seconds.

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