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  • Infusor de Mejora del Tesoro - Invierno 2016
    Infusor de Mejora del Tesoro - Invierno 2016

    Dota 2
    Desbloqueo de Partículas Ambientales de Aspecto Raro

    This consumable item unlocks ambient particle effects on the following items available through Winter Season 2016 Treasures: 'Seismic Berserker Club' for Magnus, 'Blade of Prismatic Grace' for Naga Siren, 'Cursed Zealot Carapace' for Nyx, 'Tail of the Ferocious Toxicant' for Venomaner, 'Mace of the Fissured Soul' for Elder Titan, 'Harness of the Forgotten Tactician' for Dark Seer, 'Axe of the Proven' for Centaur Warrunner and 'Wings of the Manticore' for Skywrath Mage.

    Plazo de entrega: 5-15 minutos
    € 2,00
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