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  • Arms of Eldritch Gnarl
    Arms of Eldritch Gnarl

    Dota 2
    Brazos de Aspecto Mítico

    Héroe: Treant Protector
    Regalo de: Aimo
    Recibido el: 26 de nov. de 2016 (7:12:39)

    Eldritch Gnarl
    Foliage of Eldritch Gnarl
    Roots of Eldritch Gnarl
    Snoot of Eldritch Gnarl
    Arms of Eldritch Gnarl
    Should the lone Protector fall far from the nourishing eldritch soil of his homeland, the seedling that sprouts from his remains shall one distant day grow stout enough to carry forth the mission of its predecessor.

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