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  • Smeevil's Penance
    Smeevil's Penance

    Dota 2
    Guardián de Aspecto Inmortal

    The International 2016

    * Base Style
    - Estilo Mejorado 1
    - Estilo Mejorado 2
    - Estilo Mejorado 3 (Bloqueado)
    - Estilo Mejorado 4 (Bloqueado)
    Most smeevils find contentment in the endless tasks of a servant's duty, rarely creatures of idle thought. Banished to his post from a role in the lanes, Ar'zurm the Smeevil sees things differently.

    This ward for The International 2016 can be upgraded with 4 different Smeevil's Penance Upgrade Style items. Upgrades unlock different colors.

    Plazo de entrega: 5-15 minutos
    € 2,00
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