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Black Desert - Diamond Necklace of Fortitude
Black Desert - Diamond Necklace of Fortitude

Black Desert - Diamond Necklace of Fortitude

- Description: 
A necklace decorated with a Diamond of Fortitude.


- Item Effect: 

Resistance to All Status Abnormalities +10%

Duration: 1 Day

Plazo de entrega: Comenzar en 1-12 horas
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Black Desert Items


The MMORPG Black Desert offers a huge, dynamic world to its players who wish to explore its beautiful selection of scenery and dungeons. It has an array of places, such as small villages and huge bustling cities, scorching deserts and icy tundras. The world of Black Desert Online is vast, seamless and contains diverse landscapes with differing climates and an immersive day and night cycle. Explore each region as you progress through the game and learn of the different cultures present in each province while experiencing the game world and its story.

Get ready for one of the most visually stunning MMOs of all time: In Black Desert, you will find thrilling adventures in an incredibly detailed world. Play as a deadly huntress, as a mage or witch, a fearless warrior, a beast tamer and much more: In Black Desert Online, lots of opportunies await!

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